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Fire Departments are predicting an unusually high level of risk of wildfires for the 2015 fire season. As we have all witnessed, the threat is not only during the fire season but is a constant threat in San Diego County, especially with the current drought conditions and high temperatures. We are most concerned with fires accelerated by seasonal Santa Ana winds.


Pacific Properties Service understands the danger of wildfires to communities like yours, and this year more than ever, we are emphasizing the need to carefully inspect and prioritize this operation. In addition to our year round maintenance services we offer seasonal and one time/year services for several associations throughout the San Diego area. We are urging our Clients and Industry Partners to take precaution and create a plan for addressing your brush management areas before the wildfires are upon us! Preparing before the “fire  season” is the responsible thing to do.


State and Local Jurisdictional Law requires a 30 foot Zone One area under irrigation be maintained adjacent to your homes and an additional 70 feet Zone Two area be maintained in accordance with adopted brush management regulations above native open space. Please remember that defensible space works! With our many canyons, San Diego County has hundreds of linear miles of Wildland Urban Interface ("WUI").


Each year wildland fires consume hundreds of homes in the “WUI”. Studies show that as many as 80% of those homes could have been saved if their Communities had properly managed their defensible 100 foot safe zones. If your community or property has any brush management areas, open spaces or is adjacent to any naturally vegetated areas, you should ensure all structures are being provided the required 100 feet of defensible space to help protect property.


Pacific Properties Service complies with all City of San Diego Fire Department guidelines. Our uniformed crews carry fire extinguishers and are trained to perform all facets of brush management safely for you.  Let us develop a brush management plan that is guaranteed to be in compliance and carry out this important work for you. Let us take on the responsibility for protecting your Property and/or Community for the upcoming fire season.

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