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Irrigation Maintenance


To save money on your landscape water budget, the most effective action you can take to conserve water in the landscape is to reduce over-watering and runoff of irrigation water. Keep in mind, lawns and landscape plants require considerably less water during the winter months.

Some water-wise tips are:

1. Install a smart controller.

2. Water in 2 to 3 short cycles rather than one long cycle. This prevents runoff.

3. If you have an old sprinkler system, replace the worn irrigation components with newer, more efficient nozzles and heads.

4. Use rotor heads to water large areas of lawn measuring 25 feet by 25 feet or larger. Rotor heads have a reduced precipitation rate which allows time for water to penetrate the soil, thereby reducing runoff.

5. Switch to pressure compensating emitters for watering trees, shrubs, and potted plants.

6. Apply a two inch layer of mulch around your plants to help the soil retain moisture. Mulching of the plant beds also inhibits weeds.


By following the above water conservation tips, you will attain landscape solutions that work and, at the same time, conserve California’s most precious resource, water.





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